The Rules

Send me your gear ideas and describe it as detailed as possible, if you have any pictures or drawings you can attach them in your email to
One single email will do, there is no need to send multiple emails, this is very confusing and that will only delay things, for you and for my other clients.

If you want an exact copy of your design you should make sure to provide a good quality design cause I don’t re-make bad designs of others.
If you don’t exactly know what you want you can send me some pictures of things you like and I will make a set of gear for you based on those ideas.
Just trust in my creativity and you will be astonished by the results if you let me work my magic!

I usually don’t make a design upfront, I prefer to work with the ideas in my head as that leads to the best results.
But if you really really want me to make a design upfront (which will never look as good as the final result) you have to make a payment of € 50,- first and wait patiently until I have some time to sit and design.
Please be aware that sewing and designing takes up a lot of my time so it can be a week or even two weeks before I can give you your personal design.
This amount will NOT be deducted from the price of the gear. Designing takes a lot of time too and I don’t work for free. (if you let me create your gear without a pre-design of course this will be free, thank you for your trust!)
Sometimes when the waitinglist is getting too long i don’t have the time to design but I can recommend some very good graphic designers who can make some stunning design for you for a fair price.

Once you placed the order by making the full payment I will provide you with the list of measurements, you don’t have to send them before you order anything.
Ask some help from a (girl)friend, mother or friendly neighbour to make sure your measurements are accurate.
If you provide the wrong measurements the gear will not fit correctly and there’s nothing I can do about that so please use a measurement tape and check each measurement twice!

If you are not sure about your own measurements I can make a “tester” for you, a simplified form of a pair of trunks or other item based on your given measurements.
Made from non- expensive fabric without all the designs so you can test upfront if the item will fit you correct. This is especially recommended for trunks if you’re having a full backside, this way you can be sure that the buttocks won’t peep out.
You try them on at home and if there are any adjustments to make you can point out the exact places where it has to be changed with a marker and send them back.
If needed I will make a second item with your adjustments and send it to you again for approval.
A tester will cost 55,- euro extra.

I’m aware that the waitinglist can be long but please keep in mind that in a world full of eager wrestlers there are only a handfull of good gear makers, and I’m treating every single order with full attention and care therefor it might take longer then a order at your local seamstress or a cheap replica maker.
If you don’t want to wait this long you can ask for a rush order for an extra fee of 150,- euro (or higher if you have a very large order).
This way you can skip the waitinglist and you order will be made and sent within 5 weeks.
I don’t always have enough time left to accept all rush orders, so if I say no, please respect this and don’t try to push your way.

Regular orders will be placed on the waitinglist, this usually takes 6 to 15 weeks but also can be a bit longer if it’s very busy.
There is no way with regular orders to provide a turnaround date, you just have to wait your turn.
Begging won’t help either, I have too many orders coming in to do any favors. So don’t try to guilt trip me, it may have a bad influence on how your gear is made as I am a very sensitive artist and if you destroy my good mood it will show in my work.

There will be no updates about your order, once your name is on the top of the waitinglist the gear will be made and shipped right away after it’s finished.
So emailing me every other week with the question “how is my gear doing” will not help it get to you any faster, in fact it will do the opposite.
Please let me do my work, for you it may be just a quick message but to me it’s very distracting.
You won’t believe how many messages I recieve per day, trying to manipulate me for a higher spot on the waitinglist cause you have this important match, debut, paid that amount of money or whatever.
All my clients are important, so if I let you get your way I will disrespect all others and that’s not fair to each of them.